all prices are subject to VAT and will be charged at time invoice

all prices are subject to VAT and will be charged at time invoice


These printed books with a white as top copy and a tinted sheet or sheets for each extra part, hence making a set all alike, printed to face only.


Stiff grey backing board and with an additional writing shield included, this secures the duplicates underneath being harmed. All sheets are priced as perforated.

Costed on print ready artwork, supplied as pdf is ideal. In the event that you no artwork file ready send a copy - fax - photograph of work and we will reset it at cost, that you should affirm before print!

Books. This is for more rigidity and control of information keep together in a book, the format is similar to pads but di ers in the use of perforating and stitching(very heavy duty stapling) against the use of gluing the copies together.

The books can be xed at the long or narrow part. The books are usually created

in batches of 50 sets, each set would be the number of sheets required for that document, e.g. a triplicate form is 3 part, therefore a one book of 50 sets, where each set would be 3 parts. The quantity of books, sets or parts required in today’s market varies from business to business.

In use: a triplicate waste transfer book, a writing shield is inserted under the relevant part (3rd) to stop information being transferred to sheet(s) below by the pressure of the pen, you would write out the extra information that is needed date, address the main information company information is already pre-printed... then have the customer signs the form, then tears along the perforation, removing the form from the book, giving the client the relevant copy, usually middle, the top copy will then be given to the  customer or maybe there is further use in the process of the said business, and the bottom copy is retained in the book that will stay with the driver.

Glossary for Business forms

Business forms are ideal for all and specially those startup's when you have an idea, We understand the professionalism in your paperwork. These forms are a proven tried and tested way for filling in forms and keeping copies for your records, whether it is a 2 part book / pad or multi-part sets make it easier to run your Business or Business's from home, office or even a van, any Business Form that needs duplicate triplicate or more copies then these are a perfect fit for you

Parts. Each sheet of paper is called a part, so a 2 part set is a top sheet and bottom sheet, a 3 part set is a top sheet, middle sheet and bottom sheet....


Writing shield. A thicker sheet of card that is used to stop the writing pressure being transfered to the sheets/copies below. There are 2 formats, one is a wraparound this is glued to the outside of the pad/book so it is never lost and can also keep the information inside from being marked. The other is a insert, this is a thicker card to the size of the pad/book that is loose and easily lost!


Numbering. We can number in black and upto 12 numerals in a row of a standard size. This is crash numbered to the copy below.


Perforation. This is only on books, it can vertical or horizontal on the form, set at 12mm from the edge of the paper. Retain bottom copy or all copies can be perf'd when nished.


Stitching. A heavy duty metal staple that holds the sheets of paper together in the printed ncr books, thus creating a more sturdy and durable book.


Spine tape. Creates a more professional nish to books covering the staples and spine of the book.


Paper. We use white as top copy , with choice of green, pink, yellow, blue and white for middle or bottom.


Ink. Pantone colours are used on 1 and 2 colour prints, black is a standard.

Terms & Conditions. Are printed on the reverse copy in 50% to 70% of black (grey)

Printing. Litho and digital is used.

Proof. You will receive a proof copy by e-mail, which must be approved by you, before we

can send your job to the press.


Sizes. Our standard finished sizes A6 - 105x148 • A5 148x210 • A4 210x297 • DL 99x210,

bespoke sizes are available on request.


NCR. Is used as an abbreviation of No Carbon Required

Delivery. Goods despatched 5/7days after approval of artwork.

Payment. Pro forma invoice emailed to be paid by credit card or BACs