all prices are subject to VAT and will be charged at time invoice

all prices are subject to VAT and will be charged at time invoice


These printed Pads, with a white best sheet and a tinted sheet for each extra part (your choice of paper colour) accordingly, making a set, all duplicates alike, printed to front.


Glued to the head, with a grey backing board and wraparound composing shield included, this ensures the duplicates underneath from being marked.

Cost's depend on print prepared work of art, pdf is ideal. In the event that you need to send a sweep - fax - photograph of form we will reset it at least cost, that you will need to approve before print!

Pads. These are glued at the head, usually the narrowest part of the pad is glued. The pads are usually created in batches of 50 sets. One pad would be of 50 sets, each set would be the number of sheets/parts required for that document. e.g. a duplicate form is 2 part, therefore you would have a one pad of 50 sets 2 parts. The quantity of pads, sets or parts required in today’s market varies from business to business.


In use: a duplicate delivery pad, a writing shield is inserted under the relevant part to stop information being transferred to set(s) below by the pressure of the pen, you would write out the extra information that is needed for the said delivery, as the main information is already pre-printed, quantity, date, address is added... then have the customer signs the form, then peels o the form from the pad, giving the client the relevant copy, usually bottom, the top copy will then be given to the office or left in for further use in the process of the said business